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Dual Aperture Joins Forces with KAIST's Center for Integrated Smart Sensors

Dual Aperture, Inc., a Silicon Valley imaging technology pioneer, announces today a joint venture with the Center for Integrated Smart Sensors (CISS) that will more than double the engineering resources dedicated to commercializing Dual Aperture's 3-D imaging technology.

A research institute supported by the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), the leading university in Korea dedicated to technological advancement, CISS is at the forefront of overcoming the stagnant growth of information technology through the development of innovative devices, circuits, and sensors. By combining top talents in engineering, the partnership between Dual Aperture and CISS will establish a groundbreaking smart sensor technology accessible on multiple platforms and devices.

Dual Aperture's disruptive image sensor technology is derived from its innovative 4-color sensor that is equipped with a dual aperture design, which is comprised of RGB and IR (Infra-red) pixels, in comparison to the traditional Bayer pattern. The sensor also uses separate apertures for the respective RGB and IR pixels, thereby capturing data for two distinct images -- one each in the RGB and the IR spectrums -- with different levels of sharpness. Dual Aperture's technology uses a single, low power, small form factor sensor and is poised to disrupt the current standard of utilizing two sensors to capture 3-D information. By capturing visual image data in addition to infrared spectrums, Dual Aperture's camera can potentially offer many built-in features to generate real-time 3D depth information.

Dual Aperture's promising image sensor technology is one of the key reasons behind CISS' decision to partner with Dual Aperture. Alongside CISS' own expertise in low-energy smart camera, the two entities can successfully mass market the adoption of smart sensor technology based on Dual Aperture's 4-color sensor in various medical, biological, and security applications to provide gesture tracking, 3D scanning, and high-quality photography. Additionally, the small form factor enables usage of the technology in mobile and other wearable devices.

"Dual Aperture is looking forward to collaborating with CISS in hopes that their world-class engineering resources can accelerate the commercialization of Dual Aperture 3-D and smart sensor technology", said David D. Lee, CEO of Dual Aperture, Inc. "I worked closely with other universities in Korea while developing the core technology behind HDMI, and CISS is the perfect partner with Korea's open policy of collaboration between academics and businesses."

Professor Chong-Min Kyung, CEO of CISS and Professor at KAIST, adds, "CISS receives collaboration proposals from all over the world and when we examined Dual Aperture's technology, we jumped at the opportunity to build on what we believe to be truly disruptive technology for smart cameras and smart sensors. We are extremely excited to work with Dual Aperture for the advancement of RGB-IR technology."


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