SENSOR+TEST 2015: TAM Introduces Active-3 Torque Sensor

Torque And More GmbH (TAM) is a sensor design and sensor manufacturing company, located in the south of Munich in Germany. TAM is developing and producing non-contact “Plug-and-Play” mechanical force sensors for the automotive, industrial, and consumer market.

The active torque sensor module

Working on magnetic principles, the “plug-and-play” Active-3 (A3) Torque Sensor can be used to measure mechanical stresses applied on any Ferro-magnetic objects (industrial grade steels). Within seconds, after having placed the Sensing Module as close as possible to the Test-Object, reliable Torque measurements can be taken.

Some of the unique features of the A3 Sensor are:

  • Torque measurements from static or rotating Test-Object (shaft). There is no speed limit with which the Test-Object can rotate to take repeatable Torque Measurement.
  • The Test-Object (shaft) remains as-is. Nothing will be attached to the Test-Object, no physical changes are required, and no processing of any kind is required.
  • Over-torque can not damage the Sensor module (cannot age).
  • Sensing principle is insensitive to humidity, oil, dust, coating paint (i.e. Paint) or vibration.
  • Sensing Module can be used over a 200 deg C temperature range.
  • Insensitive to external magnetic interferences (like the Earth magnetic field, or magnetised tools).
  • High signal resolution (of >14 Bits) allows a very large Torque measurement range. This translates into a rich benefi t portfolio for the user:
  • Lower overall costs to implement a Torque Sensor System in existing application.
  • Very simple logistics (Only one Sensor-Module required… plus mounting screws).
  • Easy to apply and to install. Only a few minutes to install successfully in most applications. Most iron based materials (for the Test-Object) are applicable.
  • Ideal for harsh operating conditions as the Sensor Module will not age.
  • Can not be damaged: Sensor will work reliably even in overtorque conditions. Sensing module will not be damaged.
  • Reusable: Sensing Module can be used again and again in different applications.

The A2-Sensor Kit

The A3 Torque Sensor is the third generation of a sugar cube sized Torque Sensing Module that has been invented by Lutz May and his engineering team. Its simplicity makes the low cost sensor solution the preferred choice in demanding and cost sensitive applications, like e-bikes, automotive gear-boxes, motor-sport applications, wind turbines, and power tools.

One of the most stunning features of this sensing technology: it is a true Plug-and-Play Sensor. Reliable mechanical stress (Torque and Bending) measurements will be taken from any industrial grade steel (Ferro-magnetic materials) immediately after having placed the small sized Sensing Module on the Test-Object (drive shaft, or tube). The Test-Object (shaft from which Torque measurements will be taken) can be used as is (no processing of any kind required). This feature alone makes the A3 Torque Sensor a very cost attractive sensor solution.

About TAM

The company Torque And More offers Standard Sensors, Sensor Kits with USB interface and PC software, and also produces custom specifi c sensor solutions. The affordability and easy-to-use feature makes this an attractive solution to volume applications.

The Active-3 Torque Sensor and A3 Sensor Kits will be introduced and demonstrated by TAM at the 2015 Sensor & Test exhibition in Nuernberg (Booth: 554, Hall: 12).


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