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SPECIM’s Airborne Hyperspectral Sensor Aids Oil Spill Assessment

SPECIM Spectral Imaging Ltd proclaimed that AisaDUAL, its aerial hyperspectral sensing device, has been exploited currently in the prolonged information collection for the extenuation and identification process connected with the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

SpecTIR LLC, a US company has been gathering hyperspectral information in the Gulf of Mexico with a ground resolution in the range of 2 m to 3 m covering 1500 sq km. The wetlands of the coastal areas have been scrutinized for procuring the standard environmental information which will support the monitoring of wetland health variations and also the assessment of the consequences in the future. The oil affected wetlands and the extent of damage to the vegetation over a time can also be detected by utilizing the information from hyperspectral imaging.

The hyperspectral sensor furnishes high resolution data about the entity’s range and is distinct for the types of soil, vegetation, artificial objects and other materials. The AisaDUAL from SPECIM supports a wide variety of applications with its potentiality to gather unseamed hyperspectral information in the VNIR as well as the SWIR range in the order of 400 nm to 2500 nm.

Timo Hyvärinen, co-founder of SPECIM reported that most of the leading commercial enterprises, defence organizations and research institutes currently use more AISA sensors to monitor large zones for the forest inventory, vegetation health, water quality, geological exploration and environmental monitoring. He also added that the senors play a vital role in providing major target recognition and security.

SPECIM Spectral Imaging Ltd provides ImSpector Imaging Spectrographs, remote sensing systems, Spectral Cameras and Hyperspectral Imaging Solutions for industrial and science applications such as chemical imaging, life sciences, colour measurement, forensic and process analytical technology (PAT).


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