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  • News - 18 May 2015
    The Particle Sensor Performance and Durability (PSPD) Consortium will summarize its latest findings at a May 19 membership meeting and outline plans for a second phase. PSPD-II will evaluate...
  • News - 31 Jul 2010
    A University of Illinois’ research team, is on the way to develop an electrochemical sensor, to mark the presence of a particular contaminant such as sulfur based compounds or sulfur itself in...
  • Article - 7 Feb 2013
    Seyed Paransun, Vice President and General Manager, Sensor and Actuator Solutions Division at Freescale Semiconductor, Inc., talks to AZoSensors about Xtrinsic Pressure Sensors.
  • News - 29 Jun 2019
    For some time the research and development team at sensor manufacturer Kaufbeurer Mikrosysteme Wiedemann (KMW) has been working on the measurement of pressure in hydrogen. As a first step, KMW...
  • Equipment
    The Viatran model 590 is a detachable level transmitter which has the advantage of enabling the sensors to be swapped out fast without the need to take out the cable which has already been installed....
  • Equipment
    Lever-type sensors are mainly utilized for determining the fuel level in an electrical display unit. Certain sensors are grounded, and those sensors which are not grounded feature a separate ground...
  • Equipment
    Tubular-type sensors are advanced devices that are primarily used for measuring the fuel level in an electrical display unit. Certain sensors are grounded, while those sensors which are not grounded...
  • Equipment
    The IMSL Submersible level transmitter has been specifically developed for use in constant submersion in water, oil, and other liquids and nonaggressive chemicals.
  • Equipment
    A silicon pressure sensor is used by the IMTG device that exhibits superior stability and performance.
  • Equipment
    The 18.607 Submersible Level Transmitter is designed in a similar method as that of the 18.605. It provides a ratiometric voltage output of 0.5 to 4.5V dc from a 5V dc supply.