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  • Article - 23 Oct 2020
    Filtering algorithms play an important role in detecting and excluding outliers from travel time data. The SMATS algorithm has been designed and tested to work with both low and high sample sizes as...
  • Article - 20 Oct 2020
    For this case study, SMATS partners with Salander Technology Services creates a smart work zone system with TrafficXHub™ sensors.
  • Article - 8 Oct 2019
    As sensory technology continues to advance, an increasing number of these sensors have been incorporated into various aspects of transportation.
  • Article - 20 Nov 2017
    Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), also known as industrial drones, are expected to be a big thing. There is a broad range of commercial UAV applications.
  • Article - 7 Sep 2017
    Computer viruses were the original cyber threats, however, since the late 2000s, mastermind criminals began to seriously threaten the security of our cyberspace.
  • Article - 20 Jul 2017
    The whole idea behind autonomous cars driven by sensor and camera based computers is that they will make road traffic safer. According to the market research institute Emnid, 41% of Germans feel that...
  • Article - 6 Nov 2013
    Inductive sensors are designed based on the needs of proximity sensor technology, to detect metallic or conductive parts without physical contact or where access is difficult.
  • Article - 27 Sep 2013
    A tachometer is a device for measuring the rotation speed of an object such as the engine shaft in a car. It basically indicates the revolutions per minute (RPM) performed by the object. It is also...
  • Article - 27 Nov 2012
    This article discusses the evolution of traffic control systems to the modern day where we are starting to see the application of wireless technology.