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High Speed TireScan™

The High Speed TireScan™ system from Tekscan has the ability to record the effect of inertial forces, speed, and motion on a tire at speeds of up to 265 km/hour (165 mph).

The powerful series of pressure sensing elements have the potential to scan at 20 kHz as the tire treads over them. The software shows the pressure distribution and the shape of the tire as it rolls. There are two configurations of High Speed TireScan: Datalogger and Tethered.


Key Features

  • Dynamic recording and playback
  • Rapid testing procedure
  • Graphing and data analysis potentials
  • Record tire footprint at speeds up to 265 km/hour (165 mph)
  • Reusable and durable sensors
  • Create custom reports quickly

How It Works

General Sensor Specifications

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Sensor Technology Resistive
Accuracy ± 5%
Pressure Range 0-4,100 kPa (0-600 psi)
Thickness 0.2 mm (0.008 in.) Not compressible

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