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Phi-TEC I: A Bench-Top Adiabatic Calorimeter

The Phi-TEC I is an adiabatic calorimeter that enables the characterization of thermal runaway hazards during process development and scale-up.  The Phi-TEC I replicates industrial (large volume) conditions on a lab-scale, enabling thermal runaway hazards to be characterized safely and efficiently.

Via direct sample temperature measurement and by rapidly responding to any thermal changes, the Phi-TEC I accurately tracks exothermic events and maintains adiabatic conditions.  This adiabatic screening enables thermal events to be defined with the accurate characterization of the onset temperature (Td) and facilitates the calculation of other key parameters, such as the rate of pressure change, the adiabatic temperature rise (∆Tad,d), and the time to maximum rate (TMRd).

Features and Options

Test Cells Type and Volume 

  • Standard ARC-type & high Phi-factor test cells are available in Stainless Steel, Hastelloy, and glass.
  • Volume range 0.5 ml to 10 ml.

Temperature Control 

  • Ambient to 500°C .
  • Optional: Low-temperature addition (starting at -20 °C or -40 °C dependant on oil circulator) for testing of highly unstable chemicals available.

High Pressure and Vacuum Systems 

  • Pressure range 1 to 150 bar.

Reagent Addition

  • Optional: On specific test cell designs.

Stirring available 

  • Indirect agitation with magnetic stirrer bar as standard; fixed stirring rate of 300 rpm

Intelligent Software Control and Analysis 

  • labCONSOL software control enables regular data logging, multi-step recipes, parameter control, and feedback loops. The software adds a responsive intelligence to the Phi-TEC I system and still delivers an intuitive interface that needs only minimal training to run quickly.
  • Customizable standard plans allow for easy running of the system with automated heating, detection of gas generation, and safety steps.
  • Optional: High data rate acquisition available for characterizing extremely fast reactions (up to 10 000 Hz). 

Safety Features 

  • Automatic, user-configurable, shutdown procedures if a safety condition is exceeded to ensure user safety
  • Automatic hardware and software fail-safes are installed on every system
  • Optional: Safety release valve

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