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Optris PI 08M: Infrared Cameras for Laser Processing Applications

The newly launched Optris PI 08M thermal imager features a spectral range of 800 nm, thereby reducing measurement errors caused by changing or unknown emissivities.

Thanks to its wide spectral range and the continuous measurement range of 575 to 1900 °C, the compact infrared camera is best suited for virtually all CO2 and NIR laser processing applications.

The high optical resolution and the 1-kHz frame rate allow an optimal adaption to the respective application.

Important Specifications

  • Wide measurement range of 575 to 1900 °C without sub-ranges
  • Frame rate of up to 1 kHz for fast processes
  • Exclusive narrow-band spectral response at 800 nm best suited for nearly all NIR and CO2 laser processing applications
  • Real-time analog output with a response time of 1 ms
  • High dynamic CMOS detector with a resolution of up to 764 x 480 pixels
  • Comprehensive software package and SDK included
  • Price starts from 3850 €, inclusive of I/O interface and software

Areas of Application for the Optris PI 08M Thermal Imager

The Optris PI 08M is a short-wavelength infrared camera best suited for laser processing applications as it has the capability to excellently block radiation above 800 nm. The 800-nm spectral range is less likely to be impacted by surrounding influences, thereby ensuring accurate measurement even when there is a change in emissivity.

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