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CSlaser LT: Optris’ Infrared Thermometer

The CSlaser LT infrared thermometer from Optris contains a sturdy stainless steel sensor with integrated electronics, allowing effortless integration into the user’s system.

The advanced double laser sight permits the precise marking of measurement spots even on the smallest objects. The presence of a variety of optics allows adaptation for a wide range of applications. The IR thermometer also provides a standardized two-wire interface for a dependable transfer of measurement data and effortless integration into a Siemens SPS.

Important Specifications

  • Spectral range from 8 to 14 μm
  • Response time of 150 ms
  • Temperature range of −30 °C to 1,000 °C
  • Pricing from €490

Areas of Application for the IR Thermometer Optris CSlaser LT

The infrared thermometer consists of a double laser sight that allows accurate measurement, a feature that makes it particularly popular for use in research departments of universities.

The greatly accurate CSlaser pyrometers are utilized in other industries, for instance, for the surveillance of the temperatures of paper, wood, varnishes, and plastics, among others. Furthermore, the stationary thermometers quantify process temperatures at the time of the welding of plastic pieces and in test stations of the automotive sector.​​​​​​

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