Infrared Video Thermometer: Optris’ CTvideo 3M for Metals

The CTvideo 3M from Optris is an infrared video thermometer designed for low-temperature measurement of metals and composite materials starting from 50 °C. Simultaneous use of the video module and the laser sight enables an easy and exact measuring field. It is capable of marking even if the measuring object is situated in hard-to-access regions.

Important Specifications

  • Spectral range at 2.3 μm
  • Temperature range at 50 °C to 1800 °C
  • Executes at 1 ms response time
  • Price range starts at €1290


Similar to CTvideo 1M and 2M as well as the pyrometer CTlaser 1M/2M, the Optris CTvideo 3M has been developed for the measurement of metallic surfaces and enables easy temperature measurements during metal processing within the measurable temperature, ranging from 50 °C to 1800 °C.

Furthermore, the innovative video module and the laser sight maintain an accurate measuring spot adjustment even in hard-to-access processes.

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