Optris’ PI 05M: Infrared Cameras for High Temperatures

The new PI 05M thermal imager from Optris has a spectral range of 500 to 540 nm and can reduce measurement errors caused by unknown or changing emissivities. As a result of the spectral range and the continuous measurement range of 900–2450 °C, the compact infrared camera is ideally matched for measuring temperatures of molten metals.

The frame rate of 1 kHz and the high optical resolution allow an ideal adaption to the respective application.

Key Specifications

  • Up to 1 kHz frame rate for quick processing
  • High dynamic CMOS detector with up to 764 x 480 pixels resolution
  • Real-time analog output with 1 ms response time
  • Broad measurement range: 900 °C to 2450 °C without sub-ranges
  • 1 kHz line-scanning function possible
  • Wide-ranging software package and SDK included
  • Software and I/O interface included

Areas of Application for the Thermal Imager Optris PI 05M

The Optris PI 05M short-wave infrared camera is perfectly matched for laser processing applications as radiation above 540 nm is well-blocked. The probability of the new spectral range of 500 nm to be affected by surrounding stimuli is low, thus ensuring an exact measurement even when challenged by shifting emissivity. The PI 05M is thus well-suited for measuring the temperature of molten metals.

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