Microscope Lenses for Electronic Inspection

The newly designed microscope lenses are specifically developed for the thermal inspection of electronic board and analysis of small chip-level components down to 28 μm.

The distance between the measurement objects and the camera can differ between 80 and 100 mm.

Important Specifications

  • Performs hands-free operation for simultaneous testing and IR imaging
  • Comes with exchangeable and focusable lenses for the most flexible use of the camera
  • Has a temperature resolution (NETD) of 80 mK
  • Capable of analyzing small chip-level components down to 28 μm


The Optris Microscope optics are optimally suitable to perform thermal analysis of both the entire circuit board and detailed macro shots of individual components with reliable measurements. The high-quality thermal and geometric detail resolution of the cameras enables effective and accurate functional testing of electronic products.

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