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Columbia Model VM-300 Vibration Meter

The Columbia Model VM-300 Vibration Meter is a multipurpose vibration measuring tool for general field use and routine vibration checks of industrial machinery. It is portable and user-friendly. This portable gadget is the best tool for preventive maintenance.

For stability and error minimization, the Model VM-300 incorporates a charge amplifier input stage into its robust, precise piezoelectric accelerometer. An internal embedded microcontroller that is guided by a membrane keypad with seven splash-resistant keys operates the device.

The piezoelectric accelerometer found in the sensor probe produces an electric charge inversely proportional to the instantaneous value of the applied acceleration.

The VM-300 instrument receives this charge signal via a low-noise coaxial cable, which is then processed by a charge amplifier to produce a voltage signal corresponding to instantaneous acceleration. Instead of a handheld probe, the Model VM-300A comes with an accelerometer and a 10" cable assembly.

The VM-300 has the following features

  • AC or battery operation
  • Integrated micro-controller
  • Standard sensor probe or optional accelerometer w/cable
  • Low voltage lockout
  • Optional printer
  • Padded carrying case


Source: Columbia Research Laboratories, Inc.

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Frequency Response 10 to 1,000 Hz
Velocity 0.1 to 300 in/sec F.S.
Displacement 0.001 to 3 inches F.S.
Acceleration 0.1 to 300 g F.S.
Accuracy +4% of F.S.
Low Frequency Rejection 40 dB down (min.) at 1 Hz

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