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Combatting Challenging Measurement Requirements With the PTE7100 Pressure Sensor

The PTE7100 pressure sensor is ideal for users with demanding measuring needs in the mid and high-pressure ranges for general industrial applications.

The PTE7100 includes Sensata’s automotive-leading Micro Silicon Strain Gauge with best-in-class accuracy and a wide range of ports, connections, and analog electrical outputs that allow for it to be easily integrated into a variety of industrial applications.


Hydraulics and Pneumatics; Plant Engineering and Automation; Pumps and Compressors; Mobile Hydraulics and Off-Highway Vehicles; Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems.

PTE7100 Pressure Sensor for Challenging Measuring Requirements

Image Credit: Sensata Technologies, Inc.


  • High accuracy
  • Measuring range from 0–50 bar to 0–600 bar (0–725 to 0–8700 psi)
  • Wide range of ports, connectors, and electrical outputs
  • Stainless steel design with hermetic port
  • Storage and operating media temperature -40–125 °C; Operating ambient temperature range -40–100 °C
  • Snubber option for dampening pressure spikes due to hammer and cavitation
  • REACH/RoHS/CE compliant



Table 1. Source: Sensata Technologies, Inc.

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Pressure Ranges 0-50 to 0-600 bar (0-725 to 0-8700 psi)
Pressure Reference Gauge
Supply Voltage/Output 8-32 VDC for 4-20 mA output
5±0.25 VDC for 0.5-4.5 VDC output
8-32 VDC for 0-5 VDC output
12-32 VDC for 0-10 VDC output
8-32 VDC for 1-5 VDC output
8-32 VDC for 0.5-4.5 VDC output
Output Load ≥ 4.7 kΩ for voltage output
≤ (Vsup-8)/20 mA for current supply
Output Response Time <2 ms
Overvoltage Protection 36 VDC
Reverse Voltage Protection Yes
Short Circuit Protection Yes
Insulation Resistance > 100 MΩ at 500 V
EMC IEC 61326-1 and EN 61326-2-3
Dielectric Strength 500 VAC
Enhanced Radiated Immunity 100 V/m (80~200 MHz)
200 V/m (200~2700 MHz)
Enhanced ESD ±8 KV Contact; ±15 KV Air



Table 2. Source: Sensata Technologies, Inc.

. .
Proof Pressure 2X full-scale pressure
Burst Pressure 20X for full scale pressure = 50-100 bar
10X for full scale pressure = 101-400 bar
4000 bar for full scale pressure = 401-600 bar
Random Vibration IEC 60068-2-6, 30 g (10...2000 Hz)
Mechanical Shock EN 60068-2-27, 500 g
Drop (any Axis) 1 m
Ingress Protection IP65 - IP67 (see Connector Options)
Media Compatibility Fluids and Gases compatible with 17-4PH stainless steel



Table 3. Source: Sensata Technologies, Inc.

. .
Accuracy (Best Fit Straight Line) ±0.25% FS @25 °C
Accuracy (Total Error Band) +/-1.5% FS @-20° to 85 °C
Operating Endurance >10 M cycles
Operating Ambient Temperature -40° to +100 °C
Operating Media Temperature -40° to +125 °C
Storage Temperature -40° to +125 °C


Ordering Options

Table 4. Source: Sensata Technologies, Inc.

Family Pressure Port Electrical Connector External Sealing Electrical Output/Input Pressure Range Mating Connector & Snubber
PTE7100 A: G1/4A DIN 3852-E
B: 1/4-19PT (R1/4) 
C: 7/16-20 UNF-2A (MALE)
D: 1/4 -18NP T 
A: DIN 175301-803 Form A (18 mm)
B: M12 4-POLE
C: Packard Metri-Pack 150
D: Fly-Lead 3 pole harness
0: No o-ring
1: FKM (Viton) o-ring (only for G1/4 pressure port)
2: HNBR o-ring (only for 7/16-20 UNF-2A MALE pressure port)
A: 4-20 ma / 8-32 VDC
B: 0.5-4.5 VDC / 5 ± 0.25 VDC
C: 0-5 VDC / 8-32 VDC
D: 0-10 VDC / 12-32 VDC
E: 1-5 VDC/8-32 VDC

050B: 0-50 bar
060B: 0-60 bar
100B: 0-100 bar
160B: 0-160 bar
200B: 0-200 bar
250B: 0-250 bar
350B: 0-350 bar
400B: 0-400 bar
500B: 0-500 bar
600B: 0-600 bar

N: No snubber and no mating connector
S: No mating connector, snubber with 0.5 damping hole
M: No snubber, with mating connector
A: Mating connector and snubber with 0.5 damping holе

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