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P255 General Purpose Ceramic Pressure Sensor from Kavlico

The Model P255 pressure transducer with advanced electronics provides enhanced performance. Specifically designed for pressure measurements of 0 – 15 through 0 – 1,000 PSI, this robust device has a ceramic diaphragm that can withstand exposure to a wide array of compatible liquid and gaseous process media. The mixed-signal CMOS ASIC provides for improved EMI/RFI and accuracy specifications.

Excited by 5 Vdc, the P255 provides a linear amplified output of 0.5 to 4.5 Vdc that is proportional to pressure. The sensor has low power consumption, superior long-term stability, and excellent repeatability and hysteresis. Other features include over-voltage, reverse polarity, and short circuit protection.

The P255 exhibits excellent shock and vibration tolerance, making it an ideal fit for marine, agriculture chemical equipment, HVAC/R, hydraulic systems, gas tank pressure monitoring, level measurements, coolant pressures, aggressive fluid measurements, and a myriad of other industrial applications.

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