Searidge Video Solution Improves Tower Visibility at Edmonton Airport

The Edmonton International Airport (EIA) has selected Seagate Technologies’ Air Traffic Control-qualified video solution for improving tower visibility at the airport.

Searidge Edmonton International Airport

This video system enables ground traffic handling in a cost-effective manner, whether utilized along with various surface management systems or as a primary system. This system is able to track continuously and provide video feeds in real time from digital camera sensors for a one-look type of display, allowing controllers to get a real time view of the hidden area.

Among the fastest growing major airports in the world, EIA has experienced continuous and considerable growth in passenger traffic. In this growth period, the present EIA terminal has experienced under-capacity for nearly one million passengers in a year. The passenger traffic proceeding to the U.S. from this terminal had exceeded by 6.3% over 2008 figures, even during the 2009 economic turmoil.

An air traffic control (ATC) tower and an office building are being built at this airport as part of the Expansion 2012 project of the EIA. Expansion 2012, a four-year project valued at $ 1 billion, will incorporate up to 13 additional aircraft bridges to create a larger terminal. This larger terminal will help add more customer service options and improved efficiencies for business partners.

The new construction will facilitate the installation of the most efficient and modern ATC technologies at the airport site.  The line of sight of the controller to the region near the taxiway and a high-speed capable run-off/exit will be blocked by the final building structure and construction equipment.

Controllers will be able to manage the ground traffic at a high confidence level through complete visual situational confirmation. Searidge Technologies’ Vice President of ATM products, Alex Sauriol revealed that airport safety can be improved and capacity can be increased or maintained in some cases by using technology for airport surface management. He clarifies that surface management will play a more dominant role with the rising traffic, including every aspect from reducing passenger delays to reducing fuel emissions.

EIA’s Vice President of Infrastructure and Technology, Paul Garbiar informed that the choice of the Searidge video system was based on its ability to provide flexibility and scalability as the airport’s requirements evolved. He added that the company was also judged on the basis of its successful installation of its solutions for NAV Canada and both airports.

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