RAE Systems to Demonstrate Wireless Toxic Gas and Radiation Detection Innovations at AIHce

RAE Systems, the leader in toxic gas detection systems, today announced that as part of its ongoing commitment to help advance industrial safety and compliance, the company will demonstrate its wireless area and personal gas and radiation detection monitor data in a ProRAE Guardian browser-based "connected threat detection" environment at the American Industrial Hygiene Conference & Exposition (AIHce) to be held in Montreal, Canada, May 18-23, 2013.

At AIHce, RAE Systems will demonstrate toxic gas and radiation detection innovations including data delivered to iPad tablets and smartphones. The live real-time data will be reported from the company's Portable ToxiRAE Pro single-gas monitors, MultiRAE multi-threat detectors, GammaRAE II R radiation detectors, AreaRAE transportable multi-gas and radiation instruments, and BioHarness biometric devices and third-party instruments.

The company also will demonstrate upgrades to its family of ToxiRAE Pro wireless single-gas monitors that add functionality and enhance threat detection. These upgrades include ToxiRAE Pro CO2, the industry's first wireless single-gas CO2 monitor, with integrated "man-down" alarm and a unique compliance-check feature now available in all ToxiRAE Pro instruments, as well as the new AutoRAE 2 Test and Calibration Cradle for all ToxiRAE Pros.

The new ToxiRAE Pro products and enhancements build on the industry's first and broadest family of wireless personal single-gas monitors, and help advance organizational safety and compliance across a broad array of industries where exposure to toxic gases is a constant safety threat. These industries include industrial refining, environmental clean-up, energy exploration, HazMat and emergency response.

The new ProRAE Guardian Real-time Wireless Safety System provides unsurpassed gas detection safety at industrial sites, helps workers better protect communities and ensure gas and VOC materials regulation compliance. The system provides a "mobile command center" for geographically dispersed safety officers to remotely monitor Toxic Industrial Chemicals/Toxic Industrial Materials (TICs/TIMs), flammable gases, Chemical Warfare Agents (CWA), radiation, meteorological conditions, GPS-based location information and the physiological condition of workers and emergency responders.

"As an industry-leading supplier of gas and chemical detectors to large companies operating in hazardous environments, RAE Systems continuously strives to leverage its technical leadership and understanding of its customer's needs to increase industrial safety. As part of this leadership, during this year's AIHce event, we will showcase our ability to deliver real-time threat monitoring data to users with tablet devices and smartphones," said Thomas Negre, vice president of products and marketing for RAE Systems.

RAE Systems AIHce 2013 Expo & Conference Events and Presentations

  • On Monday, May 20th from 5:00pm to 7:30pm, RAE Systems will host an exclusive AIHce VIP Cocktail Reception, located at the Montreal Bar & Boeuf Bistro. Attendees can register for the party HERE (http://learn.raesystems.com/register?src=AIHce) or can stop by RAE Systems' Booth #1209, to pick up an invitation. At the Event, attendees will have the opportunity to win RAE Systems products, including a MultiRAE Lite, ToxiRAE Pro and copies of the first edition Wirelessly Networked Chemical and Radiation Detection Systems book.
  • On Wednesday, May 22 at 10:00 am, RAE Systems will present how industry-leading chemical gas detection systems can be wirelessly connected to provide real-time, 24/7 monitoring for occupational health and environmental safety professionals. At the presentation, Prevent an Accident From Becoming an Incident -- RAE Systems presenters will also provide examples of organizations that are successfully using wireless 5-gas/PID, NDIR, EC and LEL technologies to achieve better worker and asset protection, as well as increased regulation compliance.

Learn More, See More

  1. To learn more about the ProRAE Guardian Real-time Wireless Safety Monitoring System and experience videos about how to use RAE Systems wireless monitors for industrial safety, click HERE (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-LN7McxbaD0)
  2. Interested parties can learn more and register for the AIHce Conference and Expo HERE (http://aihce2013.org/registration-hotel/general-information/)
  3. Download eBooks and videos on Industrial Safety HERE (http://www.raesystems.com/company/digital-assets)

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