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A Sensor Custom-Fit for Your Application

A Sensor Custom-Fit for Your Application

In this webinar, Mike Contrastano, Regional Sales Manager for the Midwest, explores how custom-fitting sensors for a user’s application can be a vital asset.

Contrastano offers an overview of Tekscan technology as it relates to the custom sensor design process, and he makes use of real-world examples to illustrate custom sensors, such as sample data reports and a range of common approaches.

The components of a pressure mapping system from Tekscan are outlined, as well as how they function. A thin-film pressure sensor, for example, is a data acquisition module that connects to the sensor and analysis software installed on a PC.

As outlined, Tekscan offers data and numerical pressure values, which can be graphed and exported into various file formats, allowing additional analysis and capabilities if the user wishes.

Contrastano also summarizes why a custom sensor becomes an option if a measurement area has too many complex edges or restricted access, which means that a modified standard sensor cannot capture the data.

Key Topics

  • A high-level overview of Tekscan technology
  • A step-by-step guide to a custom sensor design process
  • Custom sensor VS a modified standard sensor 


Mike Contrastano, a Regional Sales Manager for the Midwest, has worked with Tekscan in various roles since 2012.

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