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Gaining a Competitive Edge in the Automotive Industry

Gaining a Competitive Edge in the Automotive Industry

Valuable insight is produced and information provided to manufacturers by pressure-mapping technology regarding the process, production, quality, and performance of material interfaces.  In this webinar, Camilo Aladro, a Product Manager with Tekscan, explores how leveraging pressure-mapping technology to obtain insights into design and process can result in a competitive edge in the automotive industry.

He also touches upon pressure mapping - the process of using a thin, flexible sensor and placing it between two surfaces to evaluate the pressure distribution between them – and explains how analysis tools in the software allow the user to identify total force values or find peak forces inside the object.

As is illustrated in the webinar, pressure mapping is used in a variety of applications in the industry, including for the verification of new designs for sealing, as failure modes in a new design of a product, for material selection, and for the evaluation of potential processes to see which is best for quality and cost control measures.

Key Topics

  • What is pressure mapping
  • The elements of a pressure mapping system
  • Pressure mapping in the automotive industry
  • Core automotive applications
  • Pressure mapping systems
  • Competitive technologies 


Camilo Aladro, Director of Product Management and Marketing at Tekscan.

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