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TDR Sensor for Continuous Level and Interface Measurement of Liquids - VEGAFLEX 81

The VEGAFLEX 81 is a level sensor that measures a variety of liquids. Even in applications with vapor, foam generation, buildup and condensation. The sensor provides reliable and precise measured values. The VEGAFLEX 81 is the cost-effective solution for various level and interface measurements.

Product Benefits

  • The guided adjustment allows for a simple, time-saving and reliable setup
  • Comprehensive diagnostic possibilities ensure maintenance-free operation and therefore a high plant availability
  • Shortenable probes offer a simple standardization and highest flexibility in the planning

Solution for Level and Interface Measurement in All Liquids

The VEGAFLEX 81 guided radar sensor is unbeatable when it comes to measuring the level or interface of liquids.


Guided radar is incredibly versatile and can be found in nearly every industrial sector. Whether bitumen or liquefied gas, in storage containers or standpipes, in a metering tank or in tank farms – VEGAFLEX 81 measures the level or interface (separation layers) of liquids with great accuracy and reliability.

Guided radar delivers reliable measurements data for control or safety systems for:

  • Level measurement within ammonia storage tanks
  • Interface measurements in bypass tubes, storage tanks and standpipes
  • Level measurement in standpipes

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