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Inductive Displacement Measuring System eddyNCDT 3060

Micro-Epsilon’s non-contact, inductive displacement sensors function according to the eddy current measuring principle. In contrast to conventional, inductive displacement sensors, they measure on ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic materials delivering high accuracy, temperature stability, and frequency response. As a result of their immunity to dirt, oil, pressure, and temperature, these inductive eddy current sensors are chiefly used for integration in facilities and machines.


  • Combination of resolution, linearity, and temperature stability sets new standards
  • Suitable for integration into plant and machinery
  • Measuring ranges (mm): 1/2/3/4
  • Easy to integrate with modern fieldbus connection and smart signal processing
  • Maximum ease of use and intuitive configuration via web interface
  • Wide range of applications with over 400 sensor models

Performance and Universality for Industrial Use

The eddyNCDT 3060 is a new and robust inductive measuring system for rapid, high precision displacement measurements. The system consists of a sensor, a compact controller, and an integrated cable and is factory-calibrated either for non-ferromagnetic or ferromagnetic materials. With over 400 compatible sensor models, high speed, and smart signal processing, the eddyNCDT 3060 establishes a new performance class in inductive displacement measurement.

eddyNCDT 3060

Ideal for Integration into Plant and Machinery

As sensor and controller are temperature-compensated, very high measurement accuracies can be realized even in fluctuating temperatures. The sensors are engineered to handle ambient temperatures up to a maximum of +200 °C and an ambient pressure up to 20 bar.

Benchmark in Controller Technology

The industrial-grade M12 Ethernet interface allows a contemporary fieldbus connection. Configurable analog outputs enable to output the measured values as current or voltage. When linking a PC via the Ethernet interface, a modern web interface can be accessed without any additional installation and enables the software setting of controller and sensor.

eddyNCDT 3060

Maximum Performance with eddyNCDT 3061

The DT3061 controller offers improved features such as switching and temperature outputs, five-point calibration, as well as storage of many characteristic curves. As eddyNCDT 3060 systems are provided with an innovative frequency separation feature, synchronization is not needed with multi-channel measurements.

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