Temperature Scanning Entry System: TSCAN-750

Amphenol Advanced Sensors has launched a new temperature scanning entry system called Advance IR TSCAN-750. The system integrates conventional infrared (IR) temperature measurement with facial recognition.

The Advance IR TSCAN-750 enables easy operation. It requires users to stand in front of the device, and in less than one second, their body temperature and identity are automatically logged and recorded.

Once the user’s normal body temperature is recorded and the identity is authenticated, they are granted access/entry to pass. If the body temperature of the user exceeds a normal value, the system will automatically trigger an alarm and prevent entry.

  • Precise, rapid response, contactless forehead temperature scanning with high-temperature alarms
  • Complete and partial facial recognition with the ability to detect a user while they are wearing a face mask
  • Can be linked to secure gate entry systems
  • Numerous modes of operation for use in an extensive range of settings, such as sports venues, educational facilities, workplaces, airports, and retail stores
  • Rapid screening mode allows user access when separate data records are not needed
  • Enables individual record-keeping of attendance and time (entry/exit) with body temperature readings
  • HTML user interface is available to access data on a local network for use by educational campuses and employers.

Modes of Operation

Company Mode/Education Mode

  • Fitted with a web interface to view historical statistics
  • Combined facial recognition and temperature measurement for access control and attendance management of staff/students/employees

Quick Screening Mode

  • Entry and temperature statistics are available through a mobile app
  • Enables entry based on temperature reading without having to record individual data
Advance IR | TSCAN-750 - Temperature Screening Kiosk with Facial Recognition

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