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The HV Series: Differential Pressure Sensors for HVAC Applications

Superior’s HV Series low-pressure sensor module series uses a patented design called NimbleSense™ to achieve the largest dynamic range in the industry. This broader dynamic range is perfectly suitable for delivering numerous pressure ranges in a single package, reducing the number of sensor variations needed to meet the demanding functional requirements of the HVAC market.

Industry Leading Performance

The HV Series, with very high accuracy and a steady zero point, quantifies dry air and non-aggressive gas pressure. Non-linearity, which is generally better than 0.10% FSS, is also industry-leading. Power-on time is also an important consideration. Furthermore, with a warm-up period of only a few minutes, the HV Series is the best choice for time-critical installation applications.

The HV Series family offers a new level of integration by combining a superior piezoresistive sensing element with integrated amplification, ADC, DSP and interface, easing customer integration efforts. The use of powerful digital processing allows for new functionality, which simplifies system development, increases production efficiency and improves stability.

The HV Series family, which is designed with a high-reliability plastic case, offers the optimum combination of very high performance and reliability while assuring users get a large-volume, cost-effective solution that is customized for their HVAC requirements.

Key Features

  • Highly integrated sensor, ADC and DSP
  • Selectable bandwidth filter from 0.1–10 Hz
  • Multi-Range (maximum of eight calibrated ranges/device)
  • 16-Bit resolution for each range
  • Pressure ranges 0.1 to 60 inH2O (25 Pa to 15 kPa)
  • Long Term Stability ±0.10% FSS/Year
  • Output data rate from 0.5 to111 Hz
  • Temperature-compensated: 0 °C – 50 °C
  • Total Error Band less than 0.15% FSS
  • Accuracy better than 0.10% of selected range
  • High-performance low-pressure sensor
  • Standard I2C and SPI interface
  • Exceptional zero stability

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