IST AG - Guide to Temperature Sensors and Fast Response Time

To increase accuracy and response time, IST AG offers a standard RTD sensor with a metallized backside allowing the sensor to be soldered onto a metallic surface and thereby increasing the thermal coupling.

IST AG not only offers sensors with metallized backsides for soldering but also constructions like soldered sensors to tubes, in caps, on metal discs and onto various metals.

RealProbeTemp (RPT)

The RealProbeTemp is a pre-assembled stainless steel probe for the simplified manufacturing of temperature probes. The RPT provides an outstanding response time. The construction of the RealProbeTemp allows a minimized immersion depth (e.g. liquids at a depth of 10 mm or in some cases slightly less). Therefore it is an optimal solution in applications with limited space and pipe diameter.

Especially for applications where reduced space and large temperature gradients between surroundings and the measurement medium poses a challenge, the RealProbeTemp is the ideal solution for an accurate measurement.

The RealProbeTemp can act as a standalone probe assembly or as a sub-assembly inserted to minimize the fabrication process and materials of larger or more complex probe assemblies. This results in reduced manufacturing costs and enhanced performance of the finished assembly.

Run Time - 1:39

Temperature Sensors Fast Response Time

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