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Gas Sensors Videos

HY-OPTIMA 700 Process Hydrogen Analyzer – Product Demonstration by H2scan

This video shows the HY-OPTIMA™ 700 process hydrogen analyzer from H2Scan. The HY-OPTIMA 700 is real time hydrogen specific process analyzers.

Ammonia Refrigeration – Monitor for Gas Leaks to Stay Safe

Quickly and accurately detect NH3 gas leaks from industrial ammonia systems using Photoacoustic Infrared (PAIR) technology which offers distinctive benefits over traditional ammonia detection methods. Learn more:

Mercury Vapour Indicator (MVI)

The Mercury Vapour Indicator (MVI) is a revolutionary mercury detector, detecting mercury vapours in just 3 seconds!

Introduction Video to 625 Micro Gas Detection System

TOC 625 Micro Gas Detection Introduction video. Small format gas detection system for up to 8 gas detectors.

MiniPID 2 Photoionisation Sensor (PPM - Part Per Million)

The MiniPID 2 photoionisation sensor that detects Volatile Organic Compound gases.

Sensirion’s Multi-Pixel Gas Sensors Monitor Indoor Air Quality

This video describes how volatile organic compounds affect indoor air quality and how Sensirion’s sensors can help solve this problem. People spend most of their time in indoor environment, where chemical pollution can be high.

Gas and Flame Detection from MSA and General Monitors - A Guide

MSA and General Monitors have been protecting people and facilities for over 100 years

H2scan Corporation Technology Overview

This video shows the overview of H2scan Corporation technology. The most accurate, tolerant and affordable hydrogen leak detections and gas monitoring solutions for industrial markets are provided by the company.

Revolutionizing the Gas Metering Industry Using Sensirion's Microthermal Technology

This video describes microthermal gas meter modules, a proven technology for real-time monitoring of gas consumption. Natural gas is a valuable resource that people consume in everyday situations.

Personal VOC Gas Detector: Cub 10.6 eV

The Cub 10.6 eV personal VOC gas detector is worn within the breathing zone to detect volatile organic compounds, keeping you safe within your working environment.

Gas and Flame Application and Overview

All elements and compounds absorb light or energy at some point along the electromagnetic spectrum. To measure gases Dexter Research simply take advantage of the unique and specific wavelengths where molecular absorption and resonance occur

MSA CalGard Remote Calibration Adapter

The MSA CalGard Remote Calibration Adapter allows for accurate, sensitive and functional safety tests. For more information, visit

Detecting Gas Through Layers of Protection - A Video from MSA

Facilities can better protect themselves by applying a human sensory model approach using different gas sensing technologies to form a stronger chain of defense

MiniPID 2 Photoionisation Sensor (PPM WR)

The MiniPID 2 photoionisation sensor that detects Volatile Organic Compound gases.

Fixed VOC Gas Detector: Falco

The Falco & Falco TAC is a fixed VOC detector that eliminates false readings found with other competing technology and continuously detection Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in hazardous areas.

HY-ALERTA 600 Fixed Area Hydrogen Monitor Demonstration by H2scan

This video shows the HY-ALERTA™ 600 fixed area hydrogen monitor from H2Scan.

MiniPID 2 Photoionisation Sensor (10.0 eV UK)

The MiniPID 2 photoionisation sensor that detects Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) gases.

Titan: Benzene Fixed Gas Detector

The benzene fixed gas detector is wall-mounted with a dynamic detection range or 0 – 20 ppm with 0.1 ppm sensitivity to benzene.

Single Breath Diagnostic Test to Reveal Disease-Related Biomarkers

Support from the National Science Foundation (NSF) has helped Professor Perena Gouma engineer a Single Breath Disease Diagnostic Test breathalyser, which is currently being tested in clinical trials. By blowing into the breathalyser, your breath can be tested for the presence of disease-related biomarkers.

Handheld Gas VOC Detector: Tiger

The Tiger handheld gas detector is a revolutionary portable PID instrument for rapid, accurate detection of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). - Portable carbon dioxide (CO2) Meter

This equipment allows the user to check the CO2, temperature, and humidity levels. Powered by 4 AA batteries, this sensor device is accurate and user-friendly and calibrated for outdoor use.

Portable VOC Gas Detector - Tiger LT

Tiger LT is an entry-level handheld, portable VOC gas detector that provides you with fast, accurate, reliable results, however challenging your environment.

MiniPID 2 Photoionisation Sensor (HS UK)

The MiniPID 2 photoionisation sensor that detects Volatile Organic Compound gases.

A Video Guide to 2 Wire Addressable Gas Detection Systems

Introducing International gas detectors 2-wire gas detection systems.

H2scan Hydrogen Analyzing System - HY-OPTIMA 720AS-GC: Functional Test Demonstration

This video shows the functional test demonstration of hydrogen analyzing system - HY-OPTIMA 720AS-GC from H2Scan.

World’s Smallest/Lightest Personal PID Monitor

Cub 11.7 eV is the world’s smallest, lightest personal PID monitor for the accurate detection of volatile organic compounds and other gases that require a higher energy output such as acetylene, methanol and formaldehyde.

Manifold Changeover Alarm - Video

International Gas Detectors presents their next generation manifold change over alarm, utilising their ground breaking Addressable technology.

Airborne Particles Sensors To Generate Real-Time Data

CyberOptics Semiconductor have designed a new line of wafer sensors -the Airborne Particle Sensor (APS).

Process Analyzer System HY-OPTIMA 720AS-GC – Video Demonstration by H2scan

This video shows the process analyzer system HY-OPTIMA™ 720AS-GC from H2Scan. This system is designed to detect, measure and respond to hydrogen leaks in gas chromatography (GC) systems.

Personal VOC Gas Detector: Cub 10.0 eV

Cub TAC 10.0 eV personal benzene gas detector uses ION Science patented PID sensor technology that has been independently verified as best performing for speed, accuracy, and humidity resistant operation.

MiniPID 2 Photoionisation Sensor (PPB UK)

The MiniPID 2 photoionisation sensor that detects Volatile Organic Compound gases.

Video of Fire and Gas Mapping from MSA

This video shows the fire and gas mapping capabilities of MSA equipment.

Video of Laser-Based Open Path Gas Detector - Senscient ELDS™

Learn about the Senscient ELDS open path gas detector's breakthrough technology.

Video of Refrigerant Gas Leak Monitor - MSA Chillgard® 5000

The Chillgard® 5000 Refrigerant Gas Leak Monitor helps you keep people safe and your facility in compliance with ASHRAE Standard 15.

Demonstration of the Handheld Hydrogen Leak Detector H2scan HY-ALERTA 500 System

This video shows the handheld hydrogen leak detector HY-ALERTA™ 500 System from H2Scan. The HY-ALERTA system is a portable and most versatile hydrogen leak detection system.

Fixed VOC Gas Detector: TVOC 2

This robust fixed VOC monitor has a selectable detection range of 0 – 10 ppm, 0 – 100 ppm or 0 – 1000 ppm and is ideal for use in manufacturing and process industries where VOCs are typically present.

Micro Disc Pump

Disc Pump is a multi award-winning micropump platform, which is enabling innovation across sectors from medical and life sciences, to environmental and defence through wearability, portability, and simplicity.

GasClam2: Ground Gas Detector

GasClam2 ground gas detector collects unmanned continuous ground gas concentration data as well as parameters that are known to control it.

The Nano2hybrids Gas Sensor

The final working gas sensor from the nano2hybrids project! Find out how it works, can we detect toxic gases like benzene? Will it change the future of gas detection?

MiniPID 2 Photoionisation Sensor (11.7 eV UK)

The MiniPID 2 photoionisation sensor that detects Volatile Organic Compound gases.

ARA Personal Gas Monitors

ARA single gas detectors are a cost-effective personal detector with 24 months of continuous operation.

Portable Benzene Gas Detector: Tiger Select

Discover the portable benzene gas detector - the Tiger Select.

MiniPID 2 Photoionisation Sensor (PPB WR)

The MiniPID 2 photoionisation sensor that detects Volatile Organic Compound gases.

Gas Detection with Touch Interface for Tool-Free Operation - ULTIMA® X5000 Gas Monitor

Introducing the new ULTIMA X5000 gas monitor. Featuring a full text display in 9 languages and touch interface for tool-free operation, the ULTIMA X5000 puts your vital data at your fingertips.