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Image sensor Videos

BinMaster: 3DLevelScanner

In their latest video, BinMaster introduce the 3DLevelScanner and offer an insight on how this technology works.

Ruggedised Lenses

Producing a lens or lens system for use in many industrial, military and outdoor applications requires careful consideration of its resistance to vibration, shock, temperature, and water ingress in addition to ensuring high reliability and top performance.

Custom Zoom Lenses

Not all optical applications can be adequately served by an off-the-shelf zoom lens.

Gimbal Mechatronic Assemblies

Celera Motion’s mechatronics team designs and manufactures custom gimbals using our MicroE precision encoders and Applimotion motor components.

Facilities and Capabilities – Resolve Optics

This video provides an introduction to the facilities and in-house capabilities at Resolve Optics that enables us to translate individual customer needs into an optimized optical design, run development projects successfully, and manufacturing production quantities of lenses or optical products on time, to the specified quality and target price.

Resolve Optics - An Introduction

This video provides an informative introduction to Resolve Optics and how over the last 20+ years the company has become a leading international supplier of OEM quantities of special lenses and optical designs for small and large high technology businesses.

Radiation Tolerant Lenses

This video describes how we can supply radiation tolerant fixed focus and zoom lenses to suit almost any need.