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Position Sensors Videos

Patented Leddar Detection and Ranging Technology from LeddarTech

This video shows the functioning of Leddar™ (Light Emitting Diode Detection and Ranging) technology from LeddarTech.

Miniature Linear Stage with Anti-Backlash Lead Screws

The Dover KV™ linear slide is a miniature linear stage with anti-backlash lead screws, 10 mm to 200 mm travel, and a standard NEMA 17-frame stepper motor.

Vertical Motion Z Stage That Uses a Z Wedge Setup

The Dover ZE™ Stage is a vertical motion Z stage that uses a Z wedge setup drive by either step or servo motor for accurate positioning.

Leddar Sensor Evaluation Kit from LeddarTech

This video shows Leddar™ Sensor Evaluation Kit from LeddarTech. This complete Leddar™ sensor enables developers to evaluate the performance of Leddar™ technology in their different detection and ranging applications.

LeddarTech's Lidar Sensing Technology for Drone/UAV Obstacle Detection

LeddarTech provides an affordable single- and multi-element Lidar sensing technology for drones altimeter and obstacle detection applications.

High Capacity Linear Stage with a Large Payload Capacity

The Dover Motion XYL™ Series High Capacity Linear Stage is a large payload capacity, crossed roller table. This platform has extended XY travel up to 685 mm which allow it to handle 450 mm wafers.

Video of a Compact, High-Performance, Direct Drive Table

The Dover MAG Servo Motor Linear Actuator is a compact, high-performance, direct drive table suitable for use in a wide range of applications.

Automated Fluorescence Filter Wheel - A Video from Dover Motion

Originally developed for a Gene Sequencing Motion Core, Dover Motion's rotary filter wheel can be used for many different applications for Automated Fluorescence Microscopy.

Leddartech's Sensing Technology for (ADAS) Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Find out more about how LeddarTech's affordable sensing solutions can be integrated into ADAS automobiles by watching the video.