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Light Sensors Videos

ABB’s Power Protection Solution Reduces Production Downtime at Fonterra’s Takanini Facility

This video shows how ABB’s power protection solution has saved time and money by reducing the production downtime at Fonterra’s Takanini milk production facility in Auckland, New Zealand.

PCS100 MV UPS from ABB

This video shows the operation of the PCS100 medium voltage UPS system from ABB. This solution is designed for high-powered industries ranging from large manufacturing plants to mega data centers having sensitive or critical loads.

PCS100 RPC from ABB Improves Power Quality of Wellington Cable Car

This video describes how ABB’s PCS100 RPC (reactive power conditioner) improves the power quality of the Wellington cable car system in New Zealand.

Automatic Projector Calibration with Embedded Light Sensors

A demonstration video of a technique used to automatically discover the locations of surfaces in the projection area using embedded light sensors. Project by Johnny Chung Lee - Carnegie Mellon University, 2003.

How Do Luminescence Sensors Work?

How Do Luminescence Sensors Work? Product Manager Jeff Allison describes the operating principles of luminescence sensors. Using the DK50-UV luminescence sensor as an example, he explains the technology, clarifies what luminophores are, covers the different types of light waves emitted (ultraviolet light and others), and discusses what you need to know to effectively use these types of sensors.

Medical SFM3xxx Platform

Sensirion's flow platform SFM3xxx includes sensors for inspiratory, expiratory and proximal flow measurement as well as gas mixing in ventilation and anesthesia applications.

High Performance PCS100 UPS-I System from ABB

This video explains how the ABB PCS 100 UPS-I helps manage voltage sags, short outages and surges. This system has power ratings ranging from 150kVA to 3MVA and provides seamless power supply without downtime.

Pentax Q CMOS Sensor Technology

CMOS technology can also be used as image sensors and a great demonstration of its use in modern technology is presented by PENTAX, manufacturers of photographic equipment. This company has developed the world’s smallest interchangeable lens camera surrounding the CMOS sensor. The sensor incorporates a back side illumination system to help capture high-definition images.

How to Perform LIV Measurements Using LDC 3726 Laser Diode Controller

This video shows Aaron Browning, Product Specialist, ILX Lightwave Instruments, MKS Instruments, Inc., demonstrating the LIV capability of the LDC 3726 Laser Diode Controller.

Newport ILX Lightwave LDM-4980 Series of Laser Diode Mounts

This video shows Stephen Reinertson, Product Specialist, ILX Lightwave Products, describing about Newport ILX Lightwave mounts—the standard laser diode mounts and fixtures.

LDC-3916 Modular 16-Channel Laser Diode Controller

This video shows Aaron Browning, Product Specialist, ILX Lightwave Instruments, MKS Instruments, Inc., demonstrating the capability range of the LDC-3916 Multi-Channel Modular Platform.