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How Dynisco is Remolding the Plastics Industry Podcast (Audio Only)

In this episode, Microsoft's IoT Transformers Podcast hosts Deb Oberly and Dani Diaz talk with Dynisco President, John Biagioni, who is bringing our vision of "rheology to the masses" to fruition with trailblazing cloud solutions for the plastics industry.

BinCloud Solar Inventory System for Bins and Silos

Discover the BinCloud Solar Inventory system for bins and silos.

ProSpeed – Optical length & speed sensors with enhanced connectivity

This video highlights the ProSpeed® LSV line of laser precision sensors, designed for industrial process control to measure length and speed with exceptional accuracy and reliability.

Sensors for Monitoring the Structural Health of a Bridge

Researchers at the University of Maryland have developed sensors for structural health monitoring of bridges by measuring certain quantities that reflect their actual integrity.

Starting and Shutting Down Your LMI5500 Melt Flow Indexer

Demonstrated here is the proper method of starting and shutting down your LMI5500 melt flow indexer to maintain ideal operating conditions.

Sensor Vest for the Blind

North Carolina State University senior Scott Ryan demonstrates a vest with built-in sensors that detects objects within a three-foot radius. The prototype was presented during an event in the College of Textiles highlighting innovations that have been designed by students to assist people with disabilities.

Torque Sensors

Daniel Louks, Engine Support Engineer at IZOD Indycar discusses how torque sensors work.

Visibly Perfect: Test & Correction Solutions for MicroLED, OLED, and Other Displays

Development in the global display industry has entered a critical period with microOLED, miniLED, and microLED setting off a new wave of technological progress.

VMI: Vendor Managed Inventory

Learn how using sensors, wireless gateways, and software can prevent material outages, reduce carrying costs, and simplify ordering using BinView® from BinMaster.

Sensor that Detects Toxic Chemical Vapors in the Environment

Researchers at ASU's Biodesign Institute have invented a sensor that detects harmful chemical vapors in the environment. The sensor is inside a pocket-sized box that can talk directly to a cell phone or laptop. This is a demo of the device by Dr. Erica Forzani, one of the co-inventors.

Manage Bulk Silo Inventory at Multiple Sites with BinCloud SiteView

Manage bulk silo inventory at multiple sites with the BinCloud SiteView - watch the video today.

Product Demo: Radiant’s Complete Solution for Head-Up Display Testing

Engineered in response to OEM and supplier testing requirements, Radiant Vision Systems provides a comprehensive hardware/software solution to enable fully automated testing of head-up displays (HUD) in automotive and other integrations.

5-step Acoustic Lubrication Procedure

Try our 5-Step Acoustic Lubrication Procedure

FeedView: Managing Swine, Poultry, or Cattle Feed

FeedView combines cloud-based software with wireless, battery powered level sensors to completely transform how you manage feed. Used for swine, poultry and cattle operations, FeedView is accessed using your phone, tablet, or PC.

How Kulmbacher Brewery Uses Hamilton's Incyte Arc Sensor

Incyte Arc viable cell density sensor, yeast

ASTM/ISO Method: Test Using Dynisco LMI5500 Melt Flow Indexer

Polymer manufacturers need to continuously deliver high quality to meet ever-changing end-use requirements. Dynisco melt flow indexers are recognized for testing the physical properties of polymers.

Sonavu™ Acoustic Imaging Camera

SDT continues to drive the emergence of ultrasound as the "go to" technology for asset condition monitoring. Our leadership helps companies around the world achieve safer, sustainable, reliable manufacturing.

Optimize Civil Engineering and Geotechnical Processes in Four Ways

Civil and geotechnical engineers and researchers must consider the behavior of earth materials when developing designs and construction methods.

Voice Coil Actuator

The Celera Motion Voice Coil Actuator is able to deliver an integrated solution that meets the precision motion needs for optical positioning.

Addressing AR/VR Visual Inspection Challenges with Novel Optical Solutions

At the PhotonicsNXT 2022 Conference, Radiant's Optics Development Manager, Eric Eisenberg, discusses the challenges of quality testing and measurement for today's AR/VR devices.

Video Case Study: Improving MicroLED Display Quality Using Radiant’s Pixel-Level Measurement and Correction

Radiant Vision Systems is chosen by Jasper Display Corporation and other display innovators to improve the visual quality of emerging technologies like microLEDs.

Video to Show Pressure Mapping Technology for Measuring Soil Compaction Pressures of Agriculture Vehicles

Heavy equipment and vehicles used in agriculture can take their toll on the soil used to grow crops.

Sensirion at Sensors Expo USA 2019

Angela Mercurio (Area Sales Manager) and Ryan Fitzpatrick (Key Account Manager) from Sensirion USA, give an overview of Sensirion's latest environmental and flow sensor solutions at Sensors Expo & Conference 2019 in San José.

Babolat Team Up With Movea to Unveil The New Interactive 'Play and Connect' Tennis Racket

Babolat have collaborated with Movea, a French manufacturer, to introduced the world’s first prototype of the electronically controlled intelligent racket.

IST AG - Guide to Biosensors

Introduction to Innovative Sensor Technology IST AG Biosensors.

Vigilant... Powered by SDT Ultrasound Solutions

Introducing Vigilant... Powered by SDT Ultrasound Solutions. Vigilant is an online condition monitoring solution that combines the versatility of #ultrasound with the analytics of #vibrationanalysis. Perfect for accessing data on guarded assets, critical equipment, listening for partial discharge inside electrical panels, or wherever your condition monitoring needs take you.

Accurately Monitoring Resins in Silos

ResinView, built on the BinCloud platform, makes monitoring resins in silos accurate, speedy, and safe. Level sensors and software deliver inventory on your phone, tablet, or PC.

Capacitance Probe Overview

A capacitance probe is a point level indicator, commonly used for high or low level detection in a bin, tank or silo.

Dynisco PolyClean Fluidized Bath

Watch our video and see how the Dynisco PolyClean Fluidized Bath is a safe and effective cleaner for transducer tips and extrusion tools.

ABB’s Power Protection Solutions Solve Power Quality Problems

This video shows a large range of ABB’s power protection solutions, including power conditioning, power switching and UPS products, for providing high-quality power protection to data and plant processes.

X-Ray Inspection for Cylindrical Lithium-Ion Batteries

X-Ray Inspection for Cylindrical Lithium-Ion Batteries

3DLevelScanner by BinMaster

The BinMaster 3DLevelScanner offers non-contact, dust-penetrating technology to measure the level and volume of powders and bulk solids in bins, tanks and silos.

WET150 Sensor Video (SDI-12 Soil and Substrate Moisture Sensor - Also Measures EC and Temperature)

The WET150 is a digital SDI-12 multi-parameter soil sensor from Delta-T Devices. The WET150 is easily integrated into SDI-12 networks and simultaneously measures soil and substrate moisture, temperature, and EC (electrical conductivity).

IR Excellence –Teledyne Judson Technology

Infrared sensing helps solve the challenges of our modern world

ASTM/ISO Method B Test

Let’s take a look at one of the specific ways you can speed the development, production, quality testing and analysis of your polymer - The ASTM/ISO Method B Test.

Level Sensors and Monitoring Silo Inventory IoT Network Devices

Wireless gateways, long range transceivers, HART consolidator modules, and analog expansion hubs simplify taking a new or existing level sensor inventory monitoring system to the Cloud.

Video Tutorial of the FSU Toolkit Software

Video Tutorial of the FSU Toolkit Software

Monitoring Inventory in Tanks and Silos

The BinCloud® platform is an integrated cloud foundation for data monitoring of inventory contained in bins, tanks, and silos. It enables on-site and remote workers to work via the cloud.

Video Introduction to the TOCSIN 635: Gas Detection Control Panel

Introducing the TOCSIN 635 gas detection control. Utilizing groundbreaking 2-Wire Addressable technology and providing clients with a cost-effective panel with a whole host of features. Ideal for small to medium size applications.

Veratus Contamination Resistance

This video demonstrates the resistance to scale contamination of the Veratus optical encoder.

NCR 80 Non-Contact Radar

BinMaster's NCR-80 Non-Contact Radar is an 80 GHz continuous level sensor that measures the level of powders and solids regardless of dust, noise, silo material, or geometry.

Sensors and Software Solutions by BinMaster

BinMaster's sensors and software are used by every industry that needs to measure inventory stored in bins, tanks, or silos. Anywhere there's a vessel to be measured, you'll find BinMaster.

Spider Sensors Helping Predict Volcanic Activity

The collaborative effort by Washington State University researchers, US Geological Survey, and NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab might hold the key to predicting volcanic eruptions. Assistant Professor WenZhan Song, leading a team of graduate students at WSU Vancouver, has been designing a smart sensor network for the past 3 years.

Bulk Material Inventory Simple & Streamlined

BinMaster is dedicated to revolutionizing bulk material inventory management for industrial and agricultural processors.

NanoEngineers Print and Test Chemical Sensors on Elastic Waistbands of Underwear

Chemical sensors printed directly on elastic underwear waistbands retained their sensing abilities even after engineers stretched, folded and pulled at the chemical-sensing printable electrodes -- sensors that could one day be incorporated into intelligent "hospital-on-a-chip" systems. This work, funded by the U.S. Office of Naval Research, is led by professor Joseph Wang, from the Department of NanoEngineering at the University of California, San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering.

Robot Joints with Accuracy, Low Profiles and High Torque

At Celera Motion, we take our components and develop mechatronic assemblies - creating robot joints with extreme accuracy, low profiles, and high torque to deliver a unique solution for your requirements.

Optira Encoder Installation

How to install your Optira unit

Veratus Encoder Installation

How to install your Veratus encoder unit.

Weight Sensors - How Weight Sensors Work?

This is a training video which describes the principles of weight sensors.

CP Industries Testimonial - Delivering Turnkey Test Systems for HUD Glass Inspection with Radiant

CP Industries shares their decades-long experience engineering and delivering fully-integrated test systems for head-up display glass to the automotive industry.

Veratus Vibration

This video demonstrates the robustness of the Veratus optical encoder to vibration.

Airborne Particles Sensors To Generate Real-Time Data

CyberOptics Semiconductor have designed a new line of wafer sensors -the Airborne Particle Sensor (APS).

Product Demo: Radiant’s Complete Solution for Display Testing in AR and VR Headsets

Evaluating the visual quality of displays as viewed through augmented and virtual reality headsets requires testing from the vantage point of the user.

Merit Sensor's TR Series Evaluation Kit, or MeriTREK

In this video, Scott Sidwell, former engineering manager at Merit Sensor Systems, demonstrates the MeriTREK, an evaluation kit which allows customers to test the performance of the TR Series pressure sensors.

BinCloud® Platform: Monitoring Inventory

The BinCloud® platform is an integrated cloud foundation for data monitoring of inventory contained in bins, tanks, and silos.

SmartBob: Inventory Management System

SmartBob by BinMaster is a proven, highly reliable, and accurate inventory management system for monitoring the level of powders and bulk solids for one or an entire network of bins, tanks, and silos.

CementView: Monitor Inventory in Cement Silos

CementView is an automated inventory solution for cement manufacturers, batch plants, or ready-mix suppliers that puts an end to silo climbing and material shortages and makes it easy to prioritize deliveries to the plants and silos with the greatest need.

Silicone Force Sensor - SXTSC

The force-sensitive silicone sensor (SXTSC) operates according to the capacitive operating principle and can measure both touch and compressive force.

Video to Show Pressure Mapping Technology for Brick Structure Evaluation

Combining pressure mapping technology with a flat jack can help quantifiably measure the pressure distribution between bricks, and spot any weak spots that could require repairs or reconstruction.

Sensors and Software Solutions for Bins, Tanks or Silos

BinMaster's sensors and software are used by every industry that needs to measure inventory stored in bins, tanks, or silos. Anywhere there's a vessel to be measured, you'll find BinMaster.

2022 Photonics West Interview: Measuring the XR Experience

In this booth interview with Laser Focus World, Eric Eisenberg—Optics Development Manager at Radiant Vision Systems—introduces Radiant's XRE Lens solution from the floor of Photonics West 2022 in San Francisco, CA.

Changes in the T24 Toolkit - A Video Overview

This video shows an overview to the changes in the T24 Toolkit.

BioSentry Sensor for Bacteria, Spores and Protozoa

Sensors are available at the water sensing facility to detect bacteria, spores, and protozoa. This device is unique in that it performs automated analysis of flowing drinking water for the presence of organisms rather than the more commonly evaluated chemical contaminants.

Ecommerce Overview : from Polymer Testing Equipment to Sensors

Dynisco’s Online Shop is where you can have access to ordering all Dynisco parts from Polymer Testing Equipment to Sensors to accessories- all to optimize your application.

Single Breath Diagnostic Test to Reveal Disease-Related Biomarkers

Support from the National Science Foundation (NSF) has helped Professor Perena Gouma engineer a Single Breath Disease Diagnostic Test breathalyser, which is currently being tested in clinical trials. By blowing into the breathalyser, your breath can be tested for the presence of disease-related biomarkers.

Significance of Using Isansys’ Wearable Sensor Technology in Healthcare Sector

This video shows Keith Errey from Isansys discussing the significance of using wearable sensor technology in the healthcare sector to monitor and improve patient safety.

Ultrasonic Sensors - How Ultrasonic Sensors Work

SparkFun Engineer Jim Lindblom explains how ultrasonic sensors work, what you can use them for and some issues you may have if you try to use multiple ultrasonic sensors in the same area.

How to Measure the Thickness of Capacitive Sensors

Two methods of measuring thickness of a conductive part with capacitive sensors.

LTR-100: Wireless LoRa Long-Range Transceiver

The LTR-100 is a wireless LoRa long-range transceiver.

CNCR Compact 80 GHz Level Sensors

Compact non-contact radar level sensors with 80 GHz of power accurately measure liquid levels in tanks, industrial bulk containers, basins, open channels, and sumps.

ResinView: Managing Resin Inventory in Silos

ResinView, built on the BinCloud platform, makes monitoring resins in silos accurate, speedy, and safe.

Simplified Rheology for the Masses: A Technical Discussion

In this webinar, Dynisco focuses on the technical aspects of correlating laboratory measurements with full production runs. We discuss how parameters change between laboratory standards and production and how advanced equipment today can adjust for these differences.

Delta-T Devices SPN1 Sunshine Pyranometer Video

4 minute SPN1 Pyranometer video - showing its unique design features, how it works, and listing its diverse uses.

Video Animation of the Wireless Telemetry Sensor System

X24 is compatible with our existing T24 wireless telemetry system for expansion in the safe zone.

Video to Show T24 Upgrade Hardware

This video shows the T24 Upgrade Hardware.

Discover Environics Products

This video displays Environics available products. Environics design, manufacture and sell gas flow instrumentation, specializing in customizing their units to fit the needs of the customers.

Capacitive Silcone Force Sensor

The elastomer capacitive silicone force sensor works according to the capacitative operating principle and can continuously measure both proximity/touch and compressive force.

Ultrasound for Electric Power Reliability

Ultrasound is considered the first line of defense for finding defects that can lead to asset failure.

Real-Time Tire Tread Analysis with the TireScan CrossDrive

The TireScan™ CrossDrive System is a unique tool used to capture tire footprint pressure patterns.

Chemical Sensors Using Functional Dyes and Compact Sensing Devices

The Suzuki & Citterio Lab is working to create new sensing materials, such as dyes, and to develop chemical sensors. By combining organic molecules, electrochemistry, and molecular biology, the aim is to create chemical sensors that are smaller, simpler, and more sensitive. Such sensors will have a wide range of practical applications.

Delta-T Devices PR2 Profile Probe Video (Soil Moisture Profile Measurement)

3 Minute PR2 Profile Probe video - showing how the Delta-T Devices PR2 measures soil moisture profiles down to 1 meter with ease and accuracy.

BinView: Remote Monitoring of Solids and Liquids Inventory in Silos

Monitor the inventory of solids and liquids in silos from anywhere at anytime. Stay connected to your measurement data while away from the plant, working from home, social distancing, traveling, or on vacation.

BinMaster SmartBobs

SmartBobs by BinMaster can be part of a network connecting multiple vessels and provide inventory control for up to 255 bins of heights up to 150 feet.

Rotaries: Common Point Level Indicators

Rotaries are a common point level indicator used for high-, mid- and low-level material detection in bins, tanks, and silos.

Merit Sensor's Ultra-Low-Pressure Evaluation Kit, or MULPEK

In this video James Baer, a senior engineer at Merit Sensor and the designer of the MULPEK, demonstrates how the evaluation kit can be used to test the performance of Merit Sensor's LP Series pressure sensors.

Discover Environics - a Virtual Tour

Take a look inside Environics headquarters in Tolland, CT, USA.

How Do Luminescence Sensors Work?

How Do Luminescence Sensors Work? Product Manager Jeff Allison describes the operating principles of luminescence sensors. Using the DK50-UV luminescence sensor as an example, he explains the technology, clarifies what luminophores are, covers the different types of light waves emitted (ultraviolet light and others), and discusses what you need to know to effectively use these types of sensors.

2012 Sensing Technology Exhibition - Pressure Sensor Technology by Keller UK

See the latest pressure sensor technology by Keller UK demonstrated by Yasin Frei at the 2012 Sensing Technology Exhibition in Birmingham.

Optira Rotary Optical Centering

This video gives an overview of an optical centering technique to minimize eccentricity in an Optira rotary encoder disk installation.

Video to Show Pressure Mapping Technology for Compression Testing Mortar Mixtures

Compression tests are commonly used to measure the overall strength of concrete or mortar mix in its hardened state.

Measuring Bins, Tanks or Silos Inventor with Sensors and Software

BinMaster's sensors and software are used by every industry that needs to measure inventory stored in bins, tanks, or silos. Anywhere there's a vessel to be measured, you'll find BinMaster.

DXOMARK Testimonial - Benchmarking Display Quality Under Real User Conditions with Radiant

DXOMARK shares their process for qualifying consumer electronic displays according to how they are actually used in the real world.

ABB’s PCS100 RPC Provides Continuous Reactive Power Correction

This video illustrates the operation of ABB’s PCS100 RPC (reactive power conditioner) that provides regular reactive power correction to manage power quality problems such as voltage imbalance, inrush generated sags, power factor, and harmonics.

BinMaster: Silo Inventory Management for the Plastics Industry

Discover silo inventory management for the plastics industry from BinMaster.

Delta-T Devices AP4 Leaf Porometer Video

Explainer video presenting the Delta-T Devices AP4 Leaf Porometer. It highlights the porometer’s unique design features and shows in detail how it enables to user to take fast, accurate, consistent and convenient measurements of stomatal conductance in leaves.

ABB’s Power Solution Improves Power Protection for Thomas & Betts Data Centers

This video explains how the PCS100 industrial UPS (UPS-I) from ABB helps Thomas & Betts to improve power protection for its data centers based in Memphis, Tennessee.

Silo Inventory Management for Plastics

This video shows silo inventory management for the plastics industry.

Micro Sensor-Global Industrial Instrumentation Manufacturer

This video highlights how Micro Sensor Ltd., established in 1993, is a leading industrial instrumentation manufacturer offering specialized solutions for pressure, level, temperature, and flow, serving industries such as oil & gas, renewable energy, and more.

X-Y-Z Motion Systems

Cartesian or Gantry robots used in automated manufacturing, inspection, and medical imaging must consistently and repeatedly measure, position, or manipulate components - or scan across an area at a constant velocity to reliably complete the task at hand.

EcoProtect - Designed To Locate The Presence of Hydrocarbon Leakage

Researchers at the Nonwovens Innovation and Research Institute, have designed an early warning sensor that can detect the presence of hydrocarbons, such as oil, petrol, and diesel.

Mini Capacitance Probe Point Level Measurement

Discover the mini capacitance probe point level measurement sensor.

Video to Show Pressure Mapping Technology for Soil Compaction Evaluation

Soil compaction tests are used to understand the compaction characteristics of different types of soil, and the effect of different construction methods on nearby structures.

Simplify Your Single-Use Process (and Reduce Risk) With Single-Use Sensors from Hamilton

Many single-use biopharma production sites use insertion devices to adapt reusable process sensors into single-use systems. Ideally, process sensors should be specifically designed for single-use environments.

"Measuring Small" Discussed by Jim Arneson

Measurements in nanometer realm are a daily occurrence for Professional Instruments. They use high-performance Lion Precision sensors to make their products better.

Dynisco LMI5500 Melt Flow Indexers

Dynisco melt flow indexers are used to evaluate the processability of materials.

Weld, Solder, Cure or Sinter with SPOLD® LD Irradiation Light Source

Hamamatsu’s LD irradiation light source SPOLD®, has a laser beam condensed small spot which is so powerful that your materials will not only merge to perfection but also harden quickly.

Dynisco ViscoIndicator Webinar

The goal of this presentation is to provide a better understanding what's going on in the polymer market; explain why there is a market need for rheologic instrumentation; and introduce an online rheometer that is economical, easy to install, and applicable to all extrusion processors.

The Drop Point & Lubrication Contamination

Are you familiar with the term "drop point" of a grease?

Helping Processors Manage and Monitor Production Lines

Listen to how Dynisco can help processors manage and monitor their production lines remotely, while providing the tools and resources to best help you self service.

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