EcoProtect - Designed To Locate The Presence of Hydrocarbon Leakage

Researchers at the Nonwovens Innovation and Research Institute, have designed an early warning sensor that can detect the presence of hydrocarbons, such as oil, petrol, and diesel.  The sensor has been designed and engineered to locate a hydrocarbon leakage, making this sensor essential for its application in high-risk locations including petrol stations, fuel depots, and manufacturing sites that utilise hydrocarbon-based substances. The EcoProtect sensor is also ideal for monitoring hydrocarbon leakage in remote areas where there are oil and fuel pipelines.

This sensor is designed with electroconductive sensors that are integrated into probes, which help detect when and where there has been contamination from hydrocarbons. In response to detecting the presence of hydrocarbons, the sensor signals a hazard warning to a mobile application to help initiate a reaction to reduce the level of contamination detected.

The EcoProtect sensor is a valuable and cost-effect measure to monitoring contamination in the environment by working as an early-warning signal; thus, reducing the costs associated with the loss of fuel.  

EcoProtect - early warning system for hydrocarbon leakage

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