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MCP – Efficient and Small for X-Ray, VUV and Ion Detection - F12334-11 Series

Hamamatsu’s MCP F12334-11 series have time responses that are fast enough for for time of flight (TOF) experiments. They are can be used as X-ray, ion, or VUV-light detectiors. Their thin and flat shape enables installation into a minimum amount of space, which is typically a requirement inthe design of mass spectrometers.

Additionally, only two-point electric wiring enables users to install and swap this assembly easily. Custom assembly is also available.

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Key Features

  • Compact and thin
  • Easy replacement
    • Two wiring connections (HV and signal)
  • Suitable installation
  • Strong MCP
  • Three selections of effective area
    • F12334-11: Φ20 mm
    • F12395-11: Φ27 mm
    • F12396-11: Φ42 mm

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