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InGaAs Linear Image Sensor - G13913-256FG

The near-infrared linear image sensors, offered by Hamamatsu Photonics, are compact and economical devices. They have been specifically developed for portable analytical instruments.

The sensors use less current when compared to the former product (DIP package products: G11620 series). Since they use a compact LCC package with a flexible board, they are ideal for using in compact thin devices.


  • 3.3 V drive
  • 256 pixels (25 × 250 μm/pixel)
  • Compact (with flexible board)
  • Low cost
  • Integrated anti-saturation circuit
  • Can be chosen from two conversion efficiency levels
  • High resolution: 25 μm pitch
  • Easy operation (integrated timing generator)


. .
Image size 6.4 x 0.25 mm
Pixel size 25 x 250 µm
Pixel pitch 25 µm
Number of total pixels 256 pixels
Package Ceramic with flexible board
Cooling Non-cooled
Line rate (max.) 7290 lines/s
Spectral response range 950 to 1700 nm
Dark current (max.) 10 pA
Measurement condition unless otherwise noted, Typ. Ta=25 °C, Vdd=5 V, INP=Fvref=Vhold=PDN=2.5 V, Vclk=3.3 V, fop=1 MHz


Spectral Response

Dimensional Outline (Unit: mm)

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