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Si Photodiode Arrays for UV to NIR Low-Light-Level Detection – S4111/S4114 Series

The S4111/S4114 series are Si photodiode linear arrays, which are mounted on ceramic Dual Inline Packages (DIPs). These photodiode arrays are mainly developed for low-light-level detection such as spectrophotometry, and cover a broad spectral range from UV to near infrared (NIR) light.

As all elements can be utilized with a reverse bias for charge storage readout, the S4111/S4114 series are capable of sensing low level light with high sensitivity. Crosstalk between elements is reduced to preserve signal purity. Special filters can be linked as the input window.

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Key Features

  • Large photosensitive area
  • Low crosstalk
  • S4111 series - Better infrared sensitivity and low dark current
  • S4114 series - IR sensitivity suppressed type; high-speed response; low terminal capacitance


  • Multichannel spectrophotometers
  • Light position detection
  • Light spectrum analyzers
  • Color analyzers

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