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CMOS Linear Sensor for UV/Vis Spectroscopy - S11639-01

Recent developments in CMOS sensor technology have made CMOS sensors ideally suited for a number of scientific, commercial, and industrial applications where CCD sensors were used predominantly used earlier. The developments include thinner and more compact packages, lower noise, and more on-chip functions.

The latest CMOS sensors now have features comparable to CCD sensors, and are advantageous in ways including; a simpler external circuit design and simpler operation. Hamamatsu provides CMOS sensors in area and linear arrays for a number of applications such as imaging, displacement measurement, bar code scanning and spectroscopy.

Hamamatsu’s CMOS linear image sensors, ideally suited for VIS, VIS-NIR, and UV-VIS spectrometers, are optimized for spectroscopy applications. For instance, the pixel shape is generally narrow and tall to match light distribution from the grating of a spectrometer in a better manner. Some of these sensors also exhibit high UV sensitivity without the application of additional UV coatings. They also show outstanding linearity, a key advantage in spectroscopy measurements. CMOS sensors for use in spectroscopic applications also may feature an electronic shutter function and an integrated timing generator. They can be run from a single power supply.

The S11639-01 from Hamamatsu is an CMOS linear image sensor with high sensitivity. It employs a photosensitive area with vertically long pixels (14 x 200 µm). High resistance and high sensitivity in the ultraviolet region are the other features of the S11639-01. This CMOS sensor is ideally suited for use in inexpensive spectrometers as it runs from a single 5V supply.

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Key Features

  • Pixel size – 14 x 200 µm
  • 2048 pixels
  • High sensitivity 1300 V/(lx•s)
  • Effective photosensitive area length of 28.672 mm
  • Concurrent charge integration for all pixels
  • Single 5 V power supply operation
  • High sensitivity in the UV to NIR region
  • Spectral response range is 200 to 100 0nm
  • Variable integration time function (electronic shutter function)
  • Video date rate – 10 MHz max
  • Integrated timing generator facilitates operation with only start and clock pulse inputs


  • Encoders
  • Image reading
  • Position detection
  • Spectrometers.

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