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Dual-Element Thermopile Detector for the Highly Accurate Determination of CO2 Concentration

Hamamatsu offers T11722-01, a dual-element type thermopile detector that has been specifically designed for detecting CO2 concentration with a high level of precision.

The T11722-01 includes two band-pass filters and a highly sensitive dual-element thermopile detector for detecting two wavelengths (reference: 3.9 µm, CO2: 4.3 µm) at the same time. The band-pass filters feature a secondary transmission at longer than 10 µm wavelengths. If measurements are affected by this secondary transmission, a sapphire glass can be installed in front of the light input window to prevent the long wavelength light.

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Key Features

  • High sensitivity
  • Metal package (TO-5)
  • Two wavelengths detection (Reference: 3.9 µm, CO2: 4.3 µm)
  • Suitable for measuring CO2 concentration

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