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Photo-IC Diode with Spectral Sensitivity Comparable to the Human Eye and a Wide Operating Temperature

The S11153-01MT photo IC has two active areas made on a single chip, and a spectral response close to human eye sensitivity. Almost only the visible range can be measured by locating the variation between the two output signals in the internal current amplifier circuit.

The S11153-01MT has a wider operating temperature range of -40 to +105 °C compared to the earlier model.

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Key Features

  • Superior linearity
  • Spectral response close to human eye sensitivity
  • Ideal for lead-free reflow with RoHS compliance
  • Minimal output-current variation than phototransistors
  • Low output deviation by varied color temperature light source


  • Energy-saving sensor for TVs, etc.
  • Automotive illuminance sensor
  • Numerous types of light level measurement

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