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CMOS Linear Image Sensor for Position Detection with an Amplified Signal

By adding an amplifier to each pixel, the S11108 is a CMOS linear image sensor that is designed to offer high sensitivity.

The CMOS sensor has a long photosensitive area (effective photosensitive area length: 28.672 mm) and consists of 2048 pixels; each with a pixel size of 14 × 14 µm.

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Key Features

  • High sensitivity - 50 V/(lx•s)
  • Variable integration time function with electronic shutter
  • Built-in timing generator allows operation with only start and clock pulse inputs
  • 5 V single power supply operation
  • Small input terminal capacitance - 5 pF
  • Video data rate - 10 MHz max


  • Encoder
  • Position detection
  • Image reading
  • Barcode reader

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