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Linear Position Sensor for Demanding Processing Challenges - 955 BRIK Series

The Gemco 955 Series BRIK linear position sensor, also known as Linear Displacement Transducer (LDT), is a series of linear position sensors developed to meet the most demanding processing challenges in the industry.

The 955 Series is easy to install and set up, the advanced Magnetostrictive position-sensing technology and design offers absolute position feedback. A magnet assembly moves over the sensing element that determines the position and converts it to a readable output. The BRIK is a self-contained unit and does not have a can or head assembly and works virtually without wear. The electronics are fully incorporated in the sensor; which is less than one inch tall. It is available in analog, digital and quadrature outputs.

This linear position sensor is a cost-effective replacement to limit and proximity sensors and linear potentiometers. Applications include presses, injection molding, web tensioning, tire and rubber, roll positioning and many more.


  • 6 different models  
  • Analog (Voltage & Current)  
  • Digital Outputs (Start/Stop, PWM & Control Pulse)
  • Quadrature  
  • Sensor Length up to 180"
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