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Linear Position Sensor for Highly Accurate Continuous Machine Positioning - 957 BRIK Series

The Gemco 957 BRIK Magnetostrictive linear position sensor, also known as Linear Displacement Transducer (LDT), is suited for highly accurate continuous machine positioning in a variety of industrial applications. 957 BRIK LDT position sensors are built to withstand the demanding processing challenges, regardless of application or operating environment.

The highly versatile 957 Brik Series offers absolute accuracy and reliability with high resolution and precision repeatability. The non-contact design based on the magnetic sensor allows this device to be used in highly repetitive applications without mechanical wear, making this a more cost-effective solution compared to for instance a linear potentiometer.

The 957 BRIK Series is available with Analog, Digital (Start/Stop, PWM & Control Pules) and Serial Synchronous Interface outputs, and can provide competitive style connectors for truly drop-in replacement.

The linear position sensor utilizes Gemcos field-proven Magnetostrictive technology to deliver absolute position, accurate to 0.01% of the programmable sensing distance. All units have LED-light to display the health of the unit and to aid in troubleshooting. Units can be ordered in span lengths from 1” to 180” in 0.1” increments.

Applications include: Presses, injection molding, lumber, extrusion, roll positioning, dancer control and many more.

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