The FDT- 30T Series Transit-Time Ultrasonic Flow Meter

The OMEGA FDT-30 Series provides easy installation and low cost by clamping to the outside of existing piping systems. Non-invasive transit time system enables solids to pass via the pipe without affecting the meter. It does not require Y-strainers or filtering devices.

A better accuracy can be achieved in applications containing entrained gases. The FDT-30 Series flow meter will correct displayed electronic outputs and flow rates automatically. Direct interface is provided to data collection systems through 4 to 20 mA output and either simulated turbine meter or TTL-pulse outputs that are proportional to the fluid flow rate.

The FDT-30 Series is designed to substitute mechanical flow meters in applications where liquid conditions tendto damage or hinder the operation of the mechanical flow meter. It does not require maintenance. This flow meter can be used on different applications, such as well water and various other liquids with moderate quantities of aeration or suspended solids.

The FDT-30 Series flow meter is placed in an enclosure suitable for mounting in outdoor areas. Integral mount transducers are available for pipes 50 mm (2") and smaller.

  • Large digital display
  • Compact enclosure
  • Rate and total displays
  • 4 to 20 mA, TTL and turbine simulated outputs
  • Clean liquid compatible

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