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Non-Contact Liquid Level Measurement with the CNCR-120

The CNCR-120 sensor is ideal for applications that need a high level of environmental protection at distances of up to 49 feet for non-contact liquid level measurement. It is provided with either a two-wire 4-20 mA or four-wire Modbus output and a choice of a 1.5-inch threaded or straight NPT connection.

Suitable for installation on the top of the vessel using a 16, 32, or 82-foot pigtail cable connection, the CNCR-120 has the cable outlet on the top. Level measurement data can be observed remotely using BinView® software, on a tablet or phone up to 80 feet away, or on a PC.

IP66/IP68 enclosure ratings give environmental protection from moisture ingress and dust. The CNCR-120 possesses FM/CSA/CE approvals for unclassified areas or can be provided with optional ATEX/ICEx zone 1, 1/2 or FM/CSA/ATEX/ICEx Class I, II, III approvals.


  • Ingredients in beverage and food including egg processing, milk and dairy products, fats and oils
  • Environmental control for preventing sewer overflows or flood, river and dam level monitoring
  • Industrial process water, industrial fluids, bulk industrial containers and wastewater
  • Remote and on-site storage tanks that contain diesel, oils, fuels and automotive fluids
  • Spring containment, residential drinking water and purified water processing and storage
  • Storage tanks, industrial bulk containers (IBCs), chemical processing, or drums
  • Pumping stations, municipal water and wastewater treatment plants and overflow basins
  • Accurate measurement of simple and aggressive liquids in storage and processing tanks up to 49 feet 


  • Measures to face of sensor, no dead zone,
  • General purpose FM/CSA/CE approvals for utilization in unclassified areas
  • Optional hazardous location approvals
  • Measuring distance of up to 49 feet
  • 80 GHz non-contact radar technology
  • Reliable accuracy within 0.2 inches
  • FKM seal material for longevity under harsh conditions
  • Installs via a 1.5 ” threaded or straight NPT connection
  • Cable outlet on the top for installation from the top on the vessel
  • IP66/IP68 dust and moisture resistant PVDF enclosure
  • Simple setup and configuration via Bluetooth
  • Two-wire 4-20 mA output or 4-wire Modbus output 


  • Approvals: Unclassified area, non-EX environment, general purpose FM/CSA/CE; FM/CSA/ATEX/ICEx Class I, II, III; ATEX/ICEx Zone 1, 1/2Connection: 16 ft. (5 m), 32 ft. (10 m), 82 ft. (25 m)
  • Measuring Principle: Radar
  • Measuring Range: 49 ft. (15 M)
  • Enclosure Material: PVDF
  • Seal Material: FKM
  • Frequency: 80 GHz
  • Beam Angle: 8 °
  • Dead Zone: None
  • Accuracy: ≤ 0.2 " (5 mm)
  • Voltage: 12 to 35VDC, 8-30VDC
  • Output: 2-wire 4-20 mA, 4-wire Modbus
  • Process Temperature: -40 ° to +140 °F (-40 ° to +60 °C)
  • Ambient Temperature: -40 ° to +140°F (-40 ° to +60 °C)
  • Enclosure Rating: IP66/IP68 (3 bar)
  • Process Pressure: -14.5 to +43.51 psi (-1 to +3 bar/-100 to +300 kPa)
  • Mounting: 1.5 " Threaded NPT, 1.5 " Threaded Straight

Video Credit: BinMaster 

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