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Setting Up a Sensor Network with the Analog Expansion Hub AEH-100

AEH-100, an analog expansion hub from BinMaster, has been designed to ease the setup of a sensor network. It offers an easy solution by connecting analog sensors to a BinCloud gateway which provides access to software via the Cloud.

The AEH-100 can ideally be used to upgrade a prevailing sensor system to a Cloud-based network. It enables scalability when linking analog devices to one BinCloud® gateway. This supports hundreds of hubs linked to a single client or gateway. The AEH-100 is used to accept analog inputs from sensors that can be read by a client through TCP or RS-485.


  • Inventory can be monitored using BinView® software
  • An existing system can be upgraded to the Cloud
  • Up to 16 analog sensors can be connected to BinCloud® through the BinCloud® gateway
  • The AEH-100 can be daisy-chained to the BinCloud® gateway through RS-485
  • Costs can be controlled by eliminating hardware and subscription costs


A simple all-in-one installation package eases setup

  • Accommodates either 8 or 16 analog inputs
  • Can be used with existing sensor systems
  • Includes 24 VDC onboard to power sensors or sensor loops
  • Can be used with wireless options, including the BinCloud® gateway
  • Multiple AEHs can be linked to BinCloud® gateway
  • Works with Chiyu BF-430 universal serial device to allow an IP/Ethernet network
  • Links to a broad range of BinMaster or other sensor brands
  • Transmits data to BinView® inventory management software
  • Can be used with WL-19 and WL-20 wireless transceivers to reduce wiring
  • Highly scalable for large facilities with several vessels and sensors
  • Power distribution blocks are available for routing and connecting wiring 


  • Input power: 120–240 VAC
  • Output power supply: 24 VDC
  • Inputs: Up to 16 analog inputs
  • Sensor support: Two-wire or four-wire analog
  • Hub support: Hundreds of hubs linked to a single gateway or client
  • Communication: RS-485 or TCP
  • Sensor compatibility: Any 0–20 mA, 4–20 mA, or -20–20 mA capable sensor
  • Sensor Brands: BinMaster brand or sensors made by other manufacturers
  • Temperature: Standard industrial range of temperatures
  • Enclosure: 13.2″ x 11.2″ x 7.7″, weather-resistant, mounting brackets are included 

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