BM-25 Diaphragm Switch for Bins and Chutes

The BM-25 diaphragm switch is a high or low-level alert pressure switch for bins that contain nonhazardous, free-flowing dry materials. It can be used to prevent overfilling and stop fertilizer and expensive grains from being wasted. Before a mess is made, the BM-25 alerts users when chutes or conveyors are clogged.

Works Under Pressure

When the material reaches the switch’s level in the bin, this diaphragm — or pressure — switch activates a delicate micro-switch. It provides a high-, medium- or low-level warning that may be used to initiate or halt a procedure.

Uses for BM-25

  • Material density from 20 lb./cu. ft.
  • Monitoring levels of dry, free flowing materials
  • Point level detection in bins and silos
  • Eliminate overflow or maintain a certain level of material
  • Detect plugging of chutes or conveyors
  • Installation in ordinary locations

Made for Bulk Solid Materials

  • Landscaping materials
  • Granular agricultural chemicals and dry fertilizer
  • Foodstuffs like sugar beets, wheat, oats, or rice
  • Crops that produce nuts, like sesame, sunflower, or peanuts
  • Reground resin pellets or beads made of plastic and rubber
  • Wood chips, pellets, or sawdust
  • Wheat, barley, soybeans, milo, or corn
  • Potash, bentonite, or alumina powder

With this affordable level switch, users can stop spending time climbing. The user can be alerted when the bins are full or empty simply by using the BM-25.

BM-25 Diaphragm Switch for Bins and Chutes

Image Credit: BinMaster

BM-25 Point Level Switch Features

  • Silicone diaphragm material
  • Internal or external mounting
  • Rugged construction, simple design
  • Durable molded nylon housing
  • Corrosion-resistant polymer construction

The BM-25 is ideal for farmers, agricultural cooperatives, and any company storing dry bulk materials.

BM-25 Diaphragm Switch for Bins and Chutes

Image Credit: BinMaster

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