SPX 5-Series: A Smart 4–20 mA Pressure Transmitter

The SPX 5-Series from Dynisco is an intelligent 4 to 20 mA pressure transmitter that features DynaLarity™, a Dynisco breakthrough that utilizes a sophisticated algorithm. This algorithm linearizes offsets caused by process effects on the sensor.

The SPX 5-Series is an all-welded construction developed for use in dangerous locations and comes with a wide range of process and electrical connections.

The SPX5 Series comes in various models, like SPX5342, SPX5343, SPX5344, SPX5390, SPX5391 and SPX5392.


  • Offers a loop-powered output of 4–20 mA
  • Enhanced precision and available with Dynalarity of ±0.2%
  • Turndown 3:1
  • Can be remotely configured through HARTTM
  • Configurations available for use in dangerous areas
  • Enables accurate and repeatable pressure measurements
  • A broad selection of pressure ranges is available
  • Output is directly supplied to PLC or DSC
  • Fulfills CE requirements
  • Approved as CSA Explosion-Proof
  • Approved as FM Explosion-Proof
  • Approved as CE ATEX Intrinsically Safe
  • PL 'c' Certified (Relay output)
  • SIL 2 Certified (Pressure output)
  • Extra approvals are also available

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