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BP520 Series Burst Plugs

The Model BP520 burst plugs from Dynisco are custom-made assemblies equipped with pop-top burst indication that is a design option available on extruder barrel assemblies.

Also called rupture disks, Burst Plugs have been developed for consistent, emergency relief of surplus pressure in a system.

The Model BP520 is deployed on barrel bodies with hex ends in which the hex OD (across flats) is bigger when compared to the body of the burst plug. The metal retainer strap is kept in place through the hex, and the metal 'T'-shaped cap is firmly attached to the other end of the strip.

A 2-mm hole is drilled via the cap and body. A burst indicator wire is allowed to pass via the hole and when the disk bursts open, the T-cap 'pops open,' shearing off the BI wire and pointing a burst in the control system.

BP520 Series Burst Plugs

Image Credit: Dynisco 


  • Welded one-piece assembly—joint strength is not degraded at higher temperatures
  • Every welded assembly features a threaded tubular body with a rupture disk welded toward the end of the process
  • Inconel rupture disk—stable across a broad temperature range
  • Fully leak tested
  • Burst ratings are 750 to 15,000 psig (for higher pressures, users can contact Dynisco)
  • The electronic thread is 100% verified
  • Typical standard deviation is ±1%
  • Burst tolerance is ±10%

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