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PT46X4 Series: Industry-Standard 4-20 mA Amplified Signal

The PT46x4 sensor from Dynisco offers the industry-standard 4–20 mA amplified signal developed to function with PLCs and DCS.

The PT46X4 sensor is fitted with modifiable zero and span side-mounted potentiometers. Users can re-zero the PT46X4 Series mA sensors in two ways: either remotely through shorting two pins together (that is, contact closure) or locally through the zero potentiometer.

Optional RTD configurations or thermocouple is provided to offer melt temperatures. The PT46X4 sensor includes a 1/2-20 UNF thread for easy and simple installation in regular transducer mounting holes. The PT46X4 Series comes in various models, like TPT4604, TPT4624, TPT4634, PT4604, PT4624 and PT4634.

PT46X4 Series: Industry-Standard 4-20 mA Amplified Signal

Image Credit: Dynisco 


  • Precision is better than ±0.5%
  • Modifiable zero and span through side-mounted potentiometers
  • Includes 0–500 to 0–30,000 psi
  • Provides 4–20 mA output
  • DyMax®-coated stainless-steel wetted components
  • Third-party agency analysis (exida™) and self-certified based on internal audit and FMEDA analysis
  • Internal shunt calibration of 80%
  • Output signal fulfills Performance Level 'c' as stipulated by the Machinery Directive (Category 1)
  • When the sensor is properly installed and used, it fulfills the following compliance directives:
    • Machinery Directive EN ISO 13849-1
    • SIL2

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