EPR4 Push Rod Sensors

Dynisco’s push-rod technology in the EPR4 push rod sensors offers a design that is well-suited for applications where the use of a filled system may not be preferred.

The EPR4 transmitters offer the industry-standard 4–20 mA amplified signal developed to work with PLCs and DCS.

The EPR4 transmitter is fitted with modifiable zero and span potentiometers. Optional RTD configurations or thermocouple is provided to offer melt temperatures.

The EPR4 transmitter features either the regular push-rod configuration (refer to mechanical drawing) or a 1/2-20 UNF thread for easy and simple installation in regular transducer mounting holes (M561).


  • Push-rod technology, non-liquid-filled system
  • Zero and span can be adjusted
  • Precision is better than +/−0.5%
  • Offers 4–20 mA output
  • Internal shunt calibration of 80%
  • DyMax®-coated convoluted SST wetted components

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