Process Analyzer for Hydrogen Sulfide Detection

High Range Model 1000-H2S Process Analyzer is used for continuously and accurately detecting hydrogen sulfide in gas concentrations in a wide range of gas streams.

All process analyzers in the Model 1000 Series consist of a microprocessor-based signal-conditioning transmitter with fault supervision, local digital display, 4-20mA, alarm relays, calibration mode indicator, and RS-485 serial port outputs.

This analyzes also uses a 3-Electrode Electrochemical sensor element. This package is rated for use in electrically classified areas including Div I, Class I, and Groups B, C, D.

All model 1000 series are equipped with over-pressure relief protection feature and liquid- rejection membrane filters. It is weatherproof and explosion proof.

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The High Range Model 1000-H2S Process Analyzer has the following applications:

  • Gas well production sites
  • Gas transmission custody transfer compliance
  • Gas well testing and analysis
  • Gas treatment plants.

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