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Single Gas Monitor - Protege ZM

Teledyne has introduced a new single gas monitor called Protege ZM. Once the gas monitor is activated, it does not have to be calibrated or charged and works for a period of two years, without any hassles or requiring any maintenance.

Features of the Protege ZM Single Gas Monitor

  • A single gas solution with zero-maintenance
  • Modifiable LCD can show real-time gas readings, the remaining operating life, or both
  • Three-point alarm system includes tactile, visual, and audible alarms
  • Includes data-logging capabilities
  • User-configurable bump, alarm set-points, and calibration reminders
  • Supported by a range of accessories, such as an IR Connect programmer and a four-bay test station
  • IP 66/67-rated enclosure (third party-certified)

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