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Toxic Gas Sensor: Model 100

The Model DM-100 Series sensors available from Teledyne feature a non-intrusive operator interface, smart electronics, and comprehensive fault diagnostics.

The DM-100 sensor is packed into an electro-polished 316 stainless steel housing equipped with a ¾″ NPT thread.

Large surface-area gold-plated pins integrated into the field-replaceable, plug-in sensor cell decrease the effects of corrosion in adverse industrial environments. Signal conditioning electronics are fully enclosed in the sensor housing, making the design even more durable.

With XP-intrinsically safe packaging, the novel design marks a return to a simple, durable, and more affordable gas detection sensor without affecting the quality.

The Model DM-100 sensors offer a two-wire loop-powered 4–20 mA current signal that corresponds to the sensor range of detection. Aluminum and stainless steel have been used for the upper enclosure options (featuring a transient protection terminal board).

The sensor also includes extra accessories such as a loop-powered digital display and wireless communications. Every sensor is dispatched with a splash guard with an integral calibration port. The toxic gas sensors offered by Detcon are supported by an industry-leading warranty and have a long lifetime.


  • Two-wire loop powered
  • XP-intrinsically safe
  • Built-in diagnostics
  • Field-replaceable electrochemical sensor
  • Non-intrusive magnetic interface
  • Quick thread release (for replacement of the sensor)
  • ITM electronics are fully encapsulated

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